My sincerely honest statements about the very common occurrence of Crash[test] moments in my/a Crash[test] life

Lost Girl

Beyond excited for the season 2 episode 14 of Lost Girl. I will fully admit I am in love with this show, and I am so happy tv can be viewed online, there is no way I could wait for syfy episodes to come when in Canada this show is almost to season 3. 

underestimate me

That moment when people think they have kept you in the dark…. but you know everything, your dark little secret. They may think your ignorance is bliss, but truth of secret knowledge is what will help some survive. Underestimating a person, now that is for suckers. 


Ok so as I am an avid reader, I love books. And as having all the free time in the world over Christmas break of my Junior year of college, I have spent my time unlike many other 20 year olds, and have isolated myself and have been reading. Seriously I knocked out so many books I close my eyes and see words. The world of fantasy is so tangible when immersed in a story that has been strategically crafted. One feels the hurt, tastes the jealousy, and radiates the anger. Its my very own brand of teleportation, much like i guess the magic school bus that took up much of my childhood. 

Fantasy: imagination, especially when extravagant and unrestrained.

The beauty of Fantasy is it gives you a break from reality. Though in any form of sane, the risk is intertwining fantasy with reality, there must always be a maintained distinction. 

Still the fantasy worlds I have been immersed in for the past week and a half has been a very joyful ride. 

Just thinking

Ok so my title is slightly stupid and ironic, since a person is always thinking whether conscious of the fact or not. But I am trying to post more often, for all that self awareness crap, so im just going to blurt out some of my random thoughts in this moment. 

  • I wish chewing 5 gum was as electrifyingly awesome as the experience presented in the commercial. 
  • If living life was as fast paced as the smart phone commercials present with 4g, we would miss out on a lot of simply beautiful things in life. Also, I am afraid I would not be able to keep up, it would be exhausting.
  • People that never go to class and then continue to message you about information seriously get on my nerves. Go to class and get the info your damn self. 
  • Zombie apocalypse would be awesome. Gruesome way to go but massively interesting.
  • I really need to be more social, so maybe this tumblr is counter productive. 
  • I miss my brother. 
  • School is infinitely stressful, but is one of the only things in my life I feel that I have together. The rest of my life is just up in the air. 
  • I really should go to sleep.
  • I need to read my last assignment for social psych so I can help my friend study for our final. I really want her to rock it. 
  • I am massively sleep deprived. 

Ok so there were some of my thoughts within the last few minutes. I have gotten a total of 6 hours for the last three days, so my sleep deprived mind is a little slow paced and kinda off right now. So…


Sincerely Honest